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What We Do

We examine various facets of global change, seeking to understand how responsible investors can address major global challenges within the existing systems to drive positive impact.

Investors come to us with varying degrees of knowledge and understanding when it comes to responsible investing. Our goal is to provide best-in-class resources, cutting-edge research, and an open and inclusive environment for idea sharing.

Coming soon: Calvert Institute is currently planning its first Responsible Investing Summit. Please check back in for additional details at a later date.


The Calvert Institute maintains a growing network of academic partnerships. Current collaborations include:

  • Disruptive academics, challenging the status quo
  • NGOs and similar organizations creating awareness and impact
  • Co-aligned, innovative investors pushing for positive change
Responsible Investing

Exploring ESG data: A deeper understanding

Calvert conducted research to explore the nuances in ESG data using the concept of financial materiality as the bedrock. This analysis revealed interesting, but not entirely surprising results with regard to ESG KPI data quality and materiality.
Picture of Cheryl Wilson

Article published byCheryl Wilson

VP and ESG Senior Research Analyst

Calvert Research and Management

Picture of Laura Ahmadi

Article published byLaura Ahmadi

ESG Research Analyst

Calvert Research and Management

Responsible Investing

Defining the links between corporate ESG performance and credit risk

A growing body of research has established positive links between better management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and improved credit risk. Our research advances the discussion with the first large-sample empirical analyses of the mechanisms that link ESG performance to credit risk.
Responsible Investing

How corporate governance factors can influence financial performance

Corporate governance assessments are an integral part of company research. They can be an indicator of how well a company identifies material environmental and social factors and manages associated risks and opportunities. However, incorporating governance information into investment decision-making poses challenges, as there is an abundance of publicly available data. But there is little clarity on which of those measures may be linked to performance, or the impact the rules and practices of different countries may have on those links. The latter is especially relevant as responsible investing becomes an increasingly global phenomenon.
Picture of Daniel Rourke

Article published byDaniel Rourke

ESG Senior Research Analyst

Calvert Research and Management

Picture of Hellen Mbugua

Article published byHellen Mbugua

ESG Senior Research Analyst

Calvert Research and Management

Responsible Investing

Facing hard truths: How a pandemic brought inequality into the board room

For more than 40 years, economic inequality, the gap in opportunity and outcome between the highest- and lowest-income members of society has grown unabated in the US and other English-speaking developed countries. Inequality presents material risk to both global economies and individual corporations and investors. As a long-term investor, Calvert has long recognized the financial materiality of this issue to its investment process, as demonstrated by our continued work to integrate social factors into investment decisions.
Picture of Henry Mason

Article published byHenry Mason

ESG Research Associate

Calvert Research and Management

Picture of Anne Matusewicz, CAIA

Article published byAnne Matusewicz, CAIA

Responsible Investment Strategist

Calvert Research and Management

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